Where can I find slate products from the Ardoisières d’Herbeumont for use outdoors?

You can purchase all slate products for outdoor use direct from our Babinay quarry.

You can also buy slate chips from retailers of natural stone certified as sellers of “Local Stone”.

Where can I find slate products from the Ardoisières d’Herbeumont for use indoors?

If you want to purchase a basin, sink, shower tray, kitchen worktop or tiles, please contact our partner stockist:

Oscar Daffe
Rue Robert Ledecq 14
B-1440 Wauthier-Braine
02 366 90 29

How can I be sure that my slate is genuine and how can I distinguish it from imported stone or imitations?

The label “Local Stone” guarantees the authenticity of the slate from the Ardoisières d’Herbeumont sold by all our stockists.

Ardoisières d’Herbeumont slate is metamorphic rock derived from sedimentary rock and formed mainly of clay and very finely crystallised silica. To distinguish our slate from imports or imitations, you will note the presence of a few large quartz and feldspar crystals and of “eyes” formed from chlorite and/or muscovite crystals.

What products should be used to clean and care for slate?

Because it is virtually non-porous, Ardoisières d’Herbeumont slate is resistant to all acids and keeps its natural patina without the need for treatment or protection products.

Stains such as wine, oil, etc., can be removed with ordinary household cleaning products.
Slate is a stone which becomes increasingly attractive over time.

How long does slate last?

Belgian slate has a reputation for lasting that has already been proved over a number of centuries. A roof slate 3 mm thick can last for over 150 years!

So you will be able to enjoy the beauty of your stone for many years.

What effect does the weather have on slate?

The organic matter content, grain size and mineral composition are specific properties that give slate from the Ardoisières d’Herbeumont is hardness and strength. If used for an outdoor terrace or steps, slate will not be slippery during winter frosts and in summer it stores the heat of the day.

What is the difference between slate chips and wood chips for flower beds?

Unlike wood or other types of chips, slate chips do not acidify the soil and let the light through, thus allowing plants to grow at their natural rate.
They also prevent weeds from growing.

What surface area can I cover with slate chips?

1 tonne of slate chips will cover an area of 9 m2 to a depth of 5 cm.

Is it possible for a slate paving slab to break or crack?

Given the way it was formed geologically, it is very rare for a slate slab to break or crack. The specific features of slate from the Ardoisières d’Herbeumont are its organic matter content, grain size and mineral composition.